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Philosophy for Life

May 1, 2013

ISBN: 9781846043215 - Philosophy for Life

Philosophy For Life, Jules Evans (Rider Books)

Now available £8.99 paperback and part of our 3 for 2 promotion in store.

Jules will be speaking about his book at this years Classics Festival on 2nd November. Tickets now on sale. See the Classics Festival tab of this blog.

In his engaging book, Jules Evans explains how ancient philosophy saved his life, and how we can all use it to become happier, wiser and more resilient. Jules imagines a dream school, which includes 12 of the greatest and most colourful thinkers the world has ever known. Each of these ancient philosophers teaches a technique we can use to transform ourselves and live better lives. These practical techniques are illustrated by the extraordinary stories of real people who are using them today – from marines to magicians, from astronauts to anarchists and from CBT psychologists to soldiers. Jules also explores how ancient philosophy is inspiring modern communities – Socratic cafes, Stoic armies, Platonic sects, Sceptic summer camps – and even whole nations in their quest for the good life.


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