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Fame and Infamy

July 2, 2015

ISBN: 9780199662326 - Fame and Infamy

Fame and Infamy (OUP) £85

Over recent decades, the debate about how individuals are portrayed in prose-texts of Greek and Roman historiography and biography has evolved in increasingly nuanced ways. The sorts of questions which now tend to be raised concerning such prose-texts brings them closely into line with the more subtle analysis usually reserved for poetry. Moreover, the engagement with literary strategies at work in historiography and biography has a fundamental impact both on the relationship of these texts with poetry and on the status of these genres as historical evidence. In twenty-four chapters written by leading experts in their fields, Fame and Infamy considers the central question of characterization within Greek and Roman historiography and biography from a fresh perspective, combining close readings of texts of individual authors and overarching exploration into questions of how and why characterization in the ancient world evolves in the ways that it does. Spanning a wide period of time, and focusing on writers from both the Greek and Roman worlds – from Herodotus to Cassius Dio, and from Cicero to Suetonius and beyond – this volume is essential reading for anyone interested in the evolution of the genres of historiography and biography in the ancient world.


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